Saturday, March 16, 2013

Preparing to leave Hawaii and having LOTS of fun!!! SEPTEMBER 2012

WOW!!!  September was quite a month!!!  What do you do, when you know you are about to leave paradise???  You do as many things as you can that you always wanted to do right??

Gram came for a visit, on a very rare day, where this thing called rain was falling from the sky. 
The first fun of September, was celebrating Caleb's Fifth Birthday.  Joshua did an awesome job at decorating the Robin cake.  The kids had so much fun throwing water balloons and getting even more soaked on the slip and slide!

Sunset from our Lanai at the hotel

One of the things I was interested in doing, prior to leaving the island, was check out the area south of Kona, called Keauhou. There were beaches we had never explored and some farmers market. My mom decided it would be a good idea to stay in a hotel down there for a week.  I think she did it mostly for my birthday, knowing the only way I can relax is to get away from home.  It was a perfect birthday present!   To be honest though, there are many other places on the island, I would recommend going to, if you were here for a short time.

Kahalu'u beach

Caleb and I enjoyed a date out for his birthday.  We watched Finding Nemo in 3-D. 
After enjoying a stay in Keauhou, Joshua and I were blessed with a trip to Kauai. This was the one island that we both really wanted to experience. With my mom in town and free flights through Mokulele, it was the perfect opportunity. We were blessed to have friends of our church offer their time share. We also found a ridiculously good deal on a rental car.
This was the first time ever, that I had been gone from the kids for three whole days.  I thought I would struggle with not being in control of their care, but I was able to totally relax and enjoy the lack of responsibility! 
While eating our yummy food at THE FERAL PIG, Joshua and I did have a conversation about leaving Hawaii.  We decided we wanted to wait another month before leaving Hawaii.  First, because Joshua felt like the job in Minnesota should be coming through any time and second, because we needed to get some medical stuff done for the boys, that I neglected to schedule earlier.  So the decision was made that the boys and I would leave the Big Island in early November.  

Waimea Canyon, Kauai

 (The Grand Canyon of Hawaii)


Kauai Coffee Plantation


Kailua Pork Hamburger at

THE FERAL PIG restaurant.


Kīlauea Point Lighthouse

This was the only place I desired to visit on Kauai. 

The goal was to see the blue footed booby. 

We believe we were able to see one, but

not up close.

We were sure that while Gram was visiting, Ethan would lose his first teeth.  Just days after she left he let Joshua pull the first one out and then a week later he pulled the other out himself.

The one and only thing on the Big Island left on my bucket list, was Makalawena Beach.  It is a beach that is hard to get to and anyone who has ever been there will tell you how AMAZING it is.    We were able to borrow a jeep from some good friends and headed out for a day of fun.

To make the month even better, I was able to take a trip to Maui to visit good friends and meet their baby boy for the first time.
September ended with a job offer for Joshua to be a First Officer flying small jets out of Minnesota.  Joshua woke me up early in the morning to tell me that he received the job offer.  He also told me he was not sure he wanted to take it and then left for work.  All day long, I prayed like mad for him, that he would make the right decision for us.  He came home and told me he was just kidding and that he already put in his two weeks and accepted the job offer.  Let the packing and adventure begin!!!!


  1. Wow! September shaped up to be an amazing month for all of you!!!!

  2. Excited to hear from you of some of the best things to do in Hawaii. =) Love looking back at your pictures in your blog.