Friday, February 15, 2013

June-August 2012 New Friends and life in serious limbo

May and June brought us new neighbors, who just happened to have 2 boys around the same age as ours. Not only were these kids boys, but they were also homeschoolers, Christian and had some likeness in diet restrictions. Needless to say, we bonded instantly.

Watching the Transit of Venus in Waimea.
 This took about two seconds and then the boys
were ready to go run around

The most exciting thing was finding a chameleon at Waimea Nature park!

Red, White and Blue Drinks for some pretty awesome boys!!!

Watching the fireworks at the Queen's Marketplace

July, was a month of hard conversations and lots of praying.  Joshua and I came to the conclusion that it was coming to the time where the boys needed to be on the mainland.  There is obviously tons of stress, when your child has a medical condition.  But, when you add the fact that there is no one on the island that really knows what they are doing in regard to Cystic Fibrosis, the stress level quadruples!  So the decision was made that the boys and I would move to the mainland some time in October.  If Joshua did not have a job, then he would stay in Hawaii and search like mad for a job. 

So.....just days after making this decision, Joshua was on the phone with a man that has been helping him with some stuff at work.  While on the phone, Joshua felt what he describes as a push from God, to ask this man if he knew of any job openings. This man did, in fact, know of a place that would be perfect for Joshua, in Minnesota.  Can you imagine my mind whirling, thinking of moving this Hawaiian family to Minnesota, oh my goodness!!!!  It would be a move up, flying a multi-engine plane, starting out in the right seat.  The down side was, it would be a significant pay cut, where we would be just scraping by, even if we were to qualify for some type of state assistance.  The reason we felt like this might be an absolute God thing, is that The University of Minnesota is known as one of the best Cystic Fibrosis Clinics around. 

August came, and Joshua was invited out for an interview.  The interview went great.  Long story short, they said they would contact him when first officer training was to start, around Fall.  You never know what could happen in the span of 2 or so months, so we kind of felt in limbo.  Should we get our hopes up about this job or just keep moving forward, looking for another job and getting the kids and I to Arizona in October?

Amidst all this craziness, we were able to see lots of baby animals, which quite enjoyed hanging out on our lanai.

 By shear luck, I captured a Male Northern Cardinal behind these baby francolins.

This poor baby Mynah bird was so confused,
that it walked into our house and I had to shoo it out.
Turkeys sure are a lot cuter when they are babies!!

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  1. I'm suprised you didn't want to go the "bird for a pet" route again. Just kidding! On a more serious note...most people would shy away from leaving Hawaii for MN soley based on climate. You both lead your lives by such faith that you are open to many different things if it's God's will and that is truly wonderful. I think of you and what you deal with and am in awe. I don't know that I'd be able to deal with it all in such stride. It's inspiring.