Sunday, January 27, 2013

April 2012 - A month orchestrated better than we could have ever imagine!

Since we are lacking a  Cystic Fibrosis clinic in Hawaii, we do a yearly visit to the Phoenix Children's Hospital in Arizona.  The problem is that we cannot afford a flight to Arizona.  Last year, we were blessed with Mesa Airlines helping us out with discounted fares.  This year, Joshua tried to work some magic in 3 or 4 different ways and nothing was working. 

 It came to a point where there were too many things going on in Arizona in April, that I almost knew, that somehow we were going to get there. My dad was in town from Montana. My Great Aunt and other family were in from Maine. Joshua's Family was having a reunion in Flagstaff. And last but not least, a mini family reunion on my side too. 

I had put in a little prayer request one night, just asking for God's help, if He wanted us to head to Arizona. The next morning, Joshua was awakened by his boss, at 6 am. Basically the owner of the company Joshua works for, had found out that we were trying to get to Arizona, for the boys to be seen at the CF clinic.  The owner, without any hesitation, said well lets just buy them the tickets. So there you have it, God is awesome. We were assuming we were going to be forking out at least $300 to get to Phoenix, but instead we got there for free.

The only other issue we have, when going to Arizona, is transportation.  We sent out a few inquiries to people who may have a vehicle we could use and none were available.  Then, out of nowhere, just like with our tickets, Joshua's best friend said his father mostly works out of town and had a vehicle he wanted to loan us. 

I could not have thought of a better way for all of this to work out.  Surely, this could only be orchestrated by God!!

We were extremely busy for the five weeks we were in Arizona.  I am sure I missed some of the awesome things we did in that time, but please enjoy the video, to get a taste for how blessed we are!!!



  1. Aw, I am loving these updates! And, loved the video! God is SO good, all the time! Miss you dear friend!!