Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas 2014

Hello friends and family,

WOW!!!!!  What a year this has been!!!

We started off the year, with too many negative degree days, that it felt as if winter would never end!!
Minnesota weather

We also started off the year, hoping like mad that we would never have to experience a winter like that, ever again in our lives.  

What joy it brought us, when family members donated their flight miles, so we could hang out in Arizona for 6 weeks, during the worst of the winter. 
Caleb practicing to be a Vet
Fishing at one of the parks in Apache Junction

Everyone needs a picture like this from the Phoenix Zoo
Saying goodbye to Nana and Opa - Heading back to Minnesota

Through a bronchoscopy, it was found that Ethan was culturing a fungus called Aspergillosus.   The clinic in Minnesota wanted to treat it with at least 3-6 months of steroids and anti-fungals.  This natural minded momma talked to anyone that might help and researched like mad to find an alternative.  We are happy to say that the fungus is no longer a threat and no harmful drugs were needed to eliminate it....hallelujah!!!

 Both boys are doing great health-wise.  They fight Cystic Fibrosis everyday, with treatments, high calories meals and drinks and lots of exercise.
We continue to homeschool and know each day that it is exactly what our little family is meant to do!

In May, we made a trip to South Dakota.  Mount Rushmore was the one place I wanted to visit before moving out of the Midwest.
Mount Rushmore, we actually hiked up close and were able to look
up Lincoln's nose:)
                Picnic at Sioux Falls

                   Custer National Park - we never expected to see so
MANYbuffalo and their calves!!!
Feeding wild burros at Custer National Park
Crazy Horse

About mid-August, a job offer came in for Joshua.  We moved from Hastings, MN to Chandler, AZ, two weeks later.
We are overwhelmed with all the blessings that have flowed through our journeys and adventures.  We trust that the adventure is not over and that there are many more blessings to come!!!

Merry Christmas

                    Blessings from The Meyer Family!!

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