Friday, June 3, 2011

Long update.....PART 3

So yes, we made it to Arizona...finally.  The purpose of going to Arizona, was to see all our friends and family (of course), but we also needed to get the boys into the Cystic Fibrosis Clinic at the Phoenix Children's Hospital.  My assumption was, that the referral to the CF clinic was in the process. I should know by now, that in the medical field you should NEVER make assumptions. 

The boys pediatrician's office completely dropped the ball and no paper work was done whatsoever, for a referral to a CF center on the mainland.  I was on the phone pretty much daily with someone in regards to this referral.  My selling point, was that if the insurance company pushes through the referral quickly, then they will not have to pay out the money for the kids and I to fly out to Arizona again.  Apparently, on rare occasions, the State of Hawaii will fly out residents to the mainland, due to the fact that Hawaii does not have doctors that specialize in everything.  Considering the fact that there are not even 10 CFers on the island, there are no doctors who really have a clue when it comes to treating any of the issues we deal with.

So, basically the first 2 weeks of being in Arizona consisted of me going back and forth with about 4 or 5 people and getting nowhere with any of them.  Someone would say they sent some paperwork in and I would find out that the paperwork was not received.  Someone would simply have no clue what I was talking about and tell me that they did not need to do anything in reference to the referral, when in fact they did need to send in paperwork.  I did finally get in touch with someone at the insurance company that really wanted to help me, but she ended up in a holding pattern with me and we were in this fun little waiting game.

In between these wonderful phone calls, the boys and I were having a blast!!!  We got lots and lots of Nana and Opa time and lots and lots of Gram time!!!  My sister in law and her kids came to visit from California, so we had some good times with them.  My other sister in law lives in town, so we got to spend some good time with her and her family.

The awesome thing about this trip, is that it really proved to be a God thing.  The week we arrived into Arizona, we found out that a number of people who do not live in the area, were actually visiting in the area also.  My cousin, who lives in California, was heading home a few days after we arrived.  So we were able to squeeze in a visit.  Her boys and my boys really played well together. 

My dad, who lives in Montana, was also ending his visit to Arizona a few weeks after our arrival.  So we were able to hang out with him a few times.  The best was hanging out at the Bass Pro Shop.

The most God thing of all, I believe, was I was able for the first time ever, to meet another CF momma.  She just happened to be in town for a weekend, visiting her husband's family.  We had developed a wonderful relationship on Facebook, after meeting after a CF forum.  It was just so nice to meet and to have a face to face conversation with someone who is walking in very similar shoes.

We were able to meet up with our homeschool friends.  I was expecting to see them only once, but in fact got in four visits.  The best was getting together with just the mom's and have normal adult conversation.  Of course, the conversation always went back to the kids :)

Okay, I will stop now.  Just so you know, the next post may be a bit mooshie :)

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  1. I don't know how you had the patience for all of those phone calls. I think I would be at my wit's end and in tears, especially given the importance of your final goal!