Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hanging with the Dolphins

The boys had an awesome opportunity to not only see dolphins today, but to actually touch them, talk to them and Caleb even got to feed one.

The local Hilton has what they call Dolphin Quest.  Ethan Sky has had it on his list to experience this adventure since moving to the Big Island.  But it is really difficult for a seven year old boy to save up a couple hundred dollars, so no such adventure was expected to be had.  One of the mom's in our homeschool group really came through for us and got us an UNBELIEVABLE discount! 

The people at Dolphin Quest gave the boys some really great information on the sea life of Hawaii.  They were able to see some fish, turtles and Pico the myna bird. 

There are 2 pictures here of a group of kids...you will barely see the dolphins jumping in the background.  Caleb is in the white shirt with red borders and Ethan is in the red shirt with green swim trunks :)


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