Thursday, May 26, 2011

Long update.....PART 2

Okay, where did I leave off???  Oh yes, at the airport with no drivers license. 

Joshua talked to some TSA guys and they said as long as I have 2 forms of ID with a picture on it, they will let me through.  We had my Costco American Express in the car and a visa card with a cool picture of the boys and I at the Volcano National Park.  So, we stood in line and waited for someone to pick Joshua up and take him to our car (as our car was parked at a different "terminal") and let many people pass us by.  Joshua finally returned, we got through the ticketing part.  We even got the lady at the counter to check some of our bags at no cost, due to having 3 bags devoted to medical care.  Now we just had to make sure the guy at the security counter would let me through.  AND HE DID!!!!  PRAISE GOD!!! 

While I was able to check some of our bags, the bags that we were to carry on the plane, had all our medical supplies.  Vest...nebulizers and compressor...liquid medications....lots of pills....lots of powders....nutritional drinks... and the kicker was a huge jug of coconut oil.  Everything was almost checked and we could hear that our plane was boarding.  This "very by the rules" gentelmen, checked out my tightly closed, not gonna leak jug of coconut oil and asked if he could open it.  I told him I would rather him not...the consequence?  A body search...oh joy!!!!  I got patted ALL THE WAY DOWN and they checked my shoes and hands for any suspect stuff.  The TSA workers at the Kona Airport got some good practice on what to do with lots of "suspect" stuff :)

End of Kona Airport story, we got to the airport, thought we were going to have to go home, but ended up on the airplane at 10:30pm or so, no problem. 

The boys were so excited to be on their way to Arizona, that it was very difficult to get them to settle down.   Probably about  midnight, the boys finally fell asleep.  Caleb slept off and on, the whole trip.  Ethan woke up after a 2 hour "nap".  He opened his eyes and saw the Voyage of the Dawn Treader on the screen and could not get back to sleep.  As for me, between Caleb waking up off and on, and being very uncomfortable between 2 kids, I didn't even get a 20 minute "nap".  Joshua was in front of us, on his own.  While he said he didn't get much sleep, I would venture to say that his head was looking pretty comfy for much of the time :)

We ended up in Arizona about 3:30 am Hawaii time and needless to say I was exhausted, but beyond excitement of being HOME!!!

to be continued......................

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