Friday, May 20, 2011

Okay this is going to be a long update :) Lets just call this part 1....

I believe I need to catch most people up on the last 2 months of our lives.

Right near the end of March, we found a very good deal on getting to Arizona for some much needed family time and doctors visits.  I was given 6 days to pack up for a month stay on the mainland.  I promptly called and gave the pharmacy 5 days to get all refills in for our stay.  The Costco pharmacy did an awesome job at getting all our needs met!  It helps when you see all the pharmacists and techs on a regular basis and a picture of your adorable kids are posted up on their refrigerate for all to see:)
Unfortunately, I had just made an order for all the boys supplements and could not bring myself to spend more money to send them to Arizona.  So my goal was to get all protein powders and a whole LARGE jug of coconut oil through airport security :) 

Also right near the end of March, a very large God thing happened.  Upon having a conversation with Ethan Sky about his fundraiser for a cure, an anonymous person brought to our house a second vest for us.  I cannot disclose any details of this donation, but let me just tell you how much of a God thing this is and how much it will benefit us.  We now have two vests for the boys to use every morning and night.  It cuts off an hour of treatment time in a day for us.  Which means we have more freedom...we can stay at the beach later, we can all go to bible studies/sunday school every many more things we can do now for sure!!  The only bad thing about it, is that it is huge, so we can't travel with it.  Thus we had to leave it home for our mainland visit.

The day of far as I know, the only direct flights from Kona, HI to Phoenix, AZ are red-eyes.  So we had excited boys all day long, waiting for it to get dark so they could go on a plane ride.  They were quite interested as to why it is called a red-eye flight :)  So once we got to the airport at about 9pm, they proceded to ask every few minutes if their eyes were red yet.  Eventually I was able to answer them yes.  Upon getting in the line to check in, I started to get my drivers license out and in a huge panic, found that it was nowhere to be found.  I checked my wallet and purse probably about 15 times and Joshua did the same.  I was just about in tears with the thought of having to go home and repeat this another day. 


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