Monday, June 28, 2010

Hilo Zoo, Buzz and Volcano National Park

Joshua was blessed with having Father's Day and the day after off, so we decided to go on an adventure:) The boys were kind enough to wake us up at 6:30 am, so we got an early start and headed out to Hilo. Our first stop was the Hilo Zoo.It was a small zoo, with very few animals, but it was free, so it was good enough for us. They do have a white tiger , which had a great exhibit. Sorry we couldn't get a better picture. They had lots of birds, being that it is Hawaii that is not surprising. Quite a few of them talked, so we had fun figuring out what they were saying. The zoo didn't take as long as we had planned, so we drove around a while to let Caleb take a nap. We decided to head down the same road we took to get to Rainbow Falls. We saw some beautiful houses and found a sign directing us to the Boiling Pots. We figured, why not check it out since we had time to spare, before checking into our hotel. After waking up Caleb from a short nap, we decided to take the little hike down to the water. It was quite a wet and slippery hike, but it was beautiful! To end the evening, we decided to head to the movie theater for none other than Toy Story 3. Volcano National Park was something that Ethan has been excited about, since hearing we were moving to Hawaii. Unfortunately his excitement did not last long once we got there. The hopes were to see lava flowing, but the volcano has been erupting some nasty fumes for a while and the lava flow area is being blocked off from visitors. We did get to see some steam vents and a crater emitting steam though. These last two pictures are of The Thurston Lava Tube. There is an undeveloped area of the lava tube that people were walking through, but flashlights were needed. The next time we take a drive to the volcano, flashlights will be in the bag. Also in the bag will be sweatshirts, it was a little chilly there in the morning. Note to self...there are not really any places to eat if you drive home around the west side of Hawaii. We did not eat lunch until 2pm, and due to that and probably some curvy roads, Ethan Sky turned as pale as a ghost and Caleb had a mini puking episode.

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  1. That's too bad that the late lunch caused some problems. Sounds like you have many other fond memories! Awesome! Blessings