Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Celebrating Good Health with an unhealthy treat:)

I called the pulmonologist today to find out the results of the boys' throat culture, done while in Oahu. And the results are.....DRUM ROLL PLEASE........ no bacteria was found in either of the boys' culture....WOO HOOO....PRAISE THE LORD!!! This means that Ethan Sky has not cultured the nasty bacteria Pseudomonas (the boys call it sticky monas) for a year and that they both have not cultured Staph since September. These bacterias can still be hiding deep in their lungs, but they are not showing up and they are not really showing any symptoms...so we are ecstatic!! We were on our way to the beach when the doc called me back, so we celebrated at the beach and on the way home bought some ice cream bars as a treat after dinner for the awesome news. Cheers to no sticky monas!!!! We should find out this week if the SCHIP program will cover all the boys' prescriptions. If they will, then we will be terminating their coverage under our current health insurance provider and signing them up. If not, we will be waiting for Gods sign as to our next step. Anyone have a room for us to live in:) The owners of our condo got approved to do a short sale on our condo, so we aren't going to be kicked out any time soon. They did say we can get out of the lease early, if we find something before our lease is up in August. There is a promising place coming available in July. So, we will see what God has in plan for us:) Blessings to all!!!


  1. Oh, praise the LORD indeed! So excited for you all, and yes, while we are not Hawaii, there is always room for you here! :)

  2. What great news!! Praise God!!
    So good to see good news ;)