Monday, May 31, 2010

May 27th 2010

I have imagined how this day will go for right about 10 years:) Joshua and I standing on the beach in Hawaii....bare in a white summer dress and Joshua wearing linen of some sort (that never really would happen though)....Pastor Dad standing in front of us (perhaps getting splashed by some waves)....a few friends and family surrounding us....and renewing our vows. Yes, we have just celebrated our 10th anniversary. Yes, part of my dream came true...we were in Hawaii...we will have to save the vow renewals for another time:) Instead of celebrating this VERY VERY special day in proper manner... Joshua got the privilege of flying all day and I got the privilege of working on getting the kids health care needs figured out. I met with a social worker that is signing us up for the Children with Special Needs Program in Hawaii. We had hopes that it would help cover the ridiculous co-pays we are having to make for the boys prescriptions. The program will be helping us out with physician co-pays, but they cannot afford to cover our prescription co-pays. We also cannot afford to cover the boys prescription co-pays. The insurance company we are with charges 20% of the cost of prescriptions and unfortunately medications for CF are VERY expensive. We have applied for Quest, which is Hawaii's medicaid program. For some odd reason they will not accept people who are already under an insurance company and thus we have been denied. The woman at the Quest office assured me that the boys would qualify once we give them a termination letter from our insurance company. Canceling health insurance on our boys is a very scary thing for us. We were under the impression that once the boys go 2 months without being covered by insurance that another insurance company can deny them for pre-existing conditions. We have been reading up on the HIPPA laws and it looks like if the boys were on Medicaid, they would be considered as being covered by insurance. But it is still frightening. We want to make sure we are reading everything right, as once Joshua is making enough money to get off medicaid, we won't be able to afford the boys' healthcare without insurance. If anyone has any insight into this world, please please please reply with whatever input you have and we would love some websites that would be helpful also!!!!!! Just to add a little spice in the pot.....we had a nice little letter taped to our condo door saying that the condo is in foreclosure and it will be on public auction at the end of July. The owners have assured us that it is not going into foreclosure, but that might be doing a short sale. SO.......we are actually hoping that this means they will let us out our lease early, as I do not like having to yell at the kids all the time to not walk so loudly, so our downstairs neighbors will not hate us:) The problem is, before we can sign another lease...we have to get this healthcare stuff figured out. If we don't do the Quest program, our savings will run out very soon and we will be begging to move in with anyone who is willing to take us:) Prayers in all areas is much appreciated. We are at peace with whatever our next path is, we would just like to know where it is going:)

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  1. Praying about all this... please keep us posted!