Friday, January 18, 2013

December 2011-January 2012

Hello Dear Friends and Family,

It looks as though I have neglected this blog for quite some time.  The lack of updates are definitely not due to lack of things to post!!!
So....I am going to start at the beginning of 2012 and get us to the present as quickly and painlessly as I can:)

For this post, lets go back a year and talk about the wonderful month of January 2012.  We were blessed with a five week visit from the hubby's parents.  They came prior to Christmas 2011and stayed right on through Epiphany. 

They were able to tour most of the island and get a feel of all the blessings we have experienced on a regular basis on the Big Island.

Joshua was able to take his parents up to Pololu Valley, while the boys and I stayed home. The boys have seen it quite a few times and we figured his parents would enjoy having Joshua all to themselves for the day. They went to our favorite restaurant in Hawi, called The Bamboo Restaurant.

Christmas of 2011 was one I will NEVER forget!!! Not only did we get to celebrate it with Joshua's parents, we were able to enjoy it with our dearly loved Ohana. On Christmas Eve, we had 25 people crammed into our little Condo and we had a true celebration of the Christ child's birth.

As in true Hawaii fashion, slippers were left at the door and you can truly tell that a party was had there:)
After Christmas, the new pastor of our church loaned us their minivan, so we could all take a trip around the island. Our first stop was Waipio Valley. 
Akaka Falls was the next stop. You walk in a large circle, with lots of stairs, but oh my is it beautiful!!!
Rainbow Falls and the largest Banyan tree we have ever seen.
We explored Kilauea Volcano and went through a lava tube. The lava tube is always the best!!


For the first time, since moving to the Big Island, we were able to make it to Punalu'u Black Sand Beach. There were many turtles swimming about and the sand was beautiful!
The Hilton is always a great place to hang out!!!
We had such a great time with Nana and Opa and I have many more pictures, and many more memories, but I believe you have probably seen enough of the awesomeness of our life.  So I will end here for now.  The fun of February 2012 should be coming soon...

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  1. I'm so glad you are catching up on your blog! looks like Nana and Opa had just as much fun as you and your three boys did! I'm glad they were able to make it there for such an extended time and visit before you moved!