Saturday, January 19, 2013

February 2012

We were blessed with a visit from Joshua's Aunt Linda and her great friend Judy.  Joshua was able to spend some time touring them around the island and the boys and I were able to entertain them, closer to home.
Waipio Valley
One of our favorite beaches....Kaunaoa

Surfer dudes :)

You cannot have visitors on the Big Island and miss out on the Hilton...we enjoyed some lovely drinks, while watching the dolphins perform. 

We enjoyed some entertainment at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Waimea
Hanging out with friends in nature is the best!!
Homeschool fun at the fire station
Ethan Sky turns EIGHT......  


Unfortunately, we did not have a grand celebration, as it seemed that everyone we knew on the Big Island was sick. The saddest part, was that we bought Ethan this awesome rocket and we were unable to have necessary parts sent to Hawaii:(

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  1. Poor Ethan! Are the boys missing the beach already, I wonder? Are you missing the warmth as you reminisce through these posts!?