Monday, August 8, 2011

August 2011 update

Well, this is a long overdue post.  If you haven't noticed, I go through spurts of blogging regularly and then I lose my momentum and get distracted by that thing called LIFE :)

One of my last posts I warned of an update.  So, what has happened since I made the decisions to let go and trust that God has a plan for us here in Hawaii and that I am ready to be his vessel and trust his plan for my family, you ask :)

Well, about a week or so upon returning to Hawaii, Joshua came home and said there is a possibility that he will be offered the position as the Chief Pilot of his current job.  The thing is, that we never expected there to be a possibility for moving up in this company.  We knew that the amount of money Joshua started off making would never change and that was one huge reason for us wanting so desperately to get back to the mainland. Living off our savings and having our savings dwindle very quickly was not working!!!

Here we are 2 month after Joshua officially started his new position. You can just call him Chief now :) He is not necessarily making a significant amount of money, but we are no longer pulling from savings and are able to go full throttle with Dave Ramsey's baby steps and envelope system. We are pretty excited to be debt free in the near future and to be prepared for all the little and big expenses that come along with living life!!!

Since having a mild increase to our monthly income we made the most assume decision to add a vehicle to the family. This additional vehicle will allow the kids and I to be more social and to enjoy a few extra beach days a month :)   As a true believer in letting my husband be Wild at Heart (read the book by the way!!!) that vehicle would be a motorcycle.  Many people were disappointed in our choice to buy a motorcycle, but most people do not realize how rural our island is.  We have one traffic light in our town (which really is not even necessary) and between our condo and Joshua's work, he hits 2 traffic not many dangers there!! 

One of the best things about Joshua's new position is the hours.  He now has weekends and evenings off.  One of the worst things is that although Joshua has weekends and evenings "off," we get lovely phone calls at 5:30 am and he needs to be available by phone call at almost all times.  This means we get to go to church every Sunday as a family, but it is possible that Joshua will be outside solving airplane problems, during the sermon.

Okay that is enough for update on the boys will be coming soon!

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  1. Congratulations to all of you! It must be comforting to say the least. Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover...great stuff in there. We read it and sad to say, haven't really followed it. My brother has followed it to a T and has used the envelope system for years now and they are very good about sticking to a budget. I think Dave should be running the country's finances! Oh...and I can totally see Joshua on a motorcycle. To be honest it's probably cheaper in the long run too than a car or truck. Glad to see things are working out better than expected!