Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sea Salt versus Table Salt

This is a very important topic in the world of Cystic Fibrosis, but most people will benefit from this info, so keep on reading!!!

In a manner of speaking, the whole issue we are dealing with in the world of Cystic Fibrosis, is the body's inability to process salt properly.  Thus, there is a need for lots and lots and lots of salt.  My boys actually drink water with a salty electrolyte added into it, they take baths with a scoop of salt in them, we try desperately to get to the ocean at least once a week, they inhale a salt water solution, twice a day, through a nebulizer and we put tons and tons of salt on their food. 

So are there different salts that do a better job of providing this necessary nutrient?  And yes, even in us non-cfers, salt is a necessary nutrient.

TABLE SALT is a refined product.  It has been heated, chemically treated, has anti-caking agents and iodine added into it.  

SEA SALT is in its most natural state.  The salt water from oceans and seas is dried by the sun until all the water evaporates. 

Due to table salt being ultra refined, it is basically stripped of all of its minerals, besides sodium and chloride.  Due to sea salt being unrefined, it additionally contains as many as 60 trace minerals such as potassium, sulfur and magnesium, which help to balance out the different electrolytes in the body.This is the defining factor of SEA SALT being best.  The unnatural form of table salt is what seems to be a major contributing factor to the ever increasing troubles with high blood pressure and other such heart issues.  The lack of other nutrients in table salt creates an imbalance in the body and creates all the problems associated with "salt."

From what I understand, if you find sea salt at your local stores and it is pure white, then it has been refined in some way shape or form.  Our sea salt that we buy, has little specks of black and brown in it.  As far as the different types of sea salt, such as Himalayan, Celtic, Hawaiian, Pink, etc I am not sure if any have added benefits.  Perhaps I will post on that at a later date, when my budget allows for purchasing a more expensive sea salt;)

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