Saturday, May 29, 2010

Whew....what a week!!!! Part One

Monday we flew out to Honolulu for some doctors appointments and a little fun. First on the agenda was checking out the USS Arizona Memorial. We were afraid we would get there too late and would have to wait a long time to get on the boat to see the USS Arizona. We really didn't have to wait long and there were so many things to do and explore, while we waited. The boys are holding up 2 fingers, not as a peace sign, but to show that this was World War II. This was Ethan's idea. They are sitting inside the cabin of a submarine. The periscope was really cool. We were able to see the whole harbor. The actual anchor from the USS Arizona The boys really enjoyed the boat ride out to the USS Arizona. I was extremely thankful that it was a short trip and that I did not get sick. My body was still recovering from the short flight to Oahu:) After checking into our hotel, we set out to find dinner. We were very excited to find Cheeseburgers in Paradise. We have been to the one in Maui a few times and quite enjoyed it. After dinner, we took a nice walk in the dark around Waikiki Beach and then headed for bed. By the end of the day, we spent $28 on parking. I have surely found one thing I dislike about Honolulu. Tuesday morning, we headed out to the Honolulu Zoo. The moment we paid and walked into the entrance, it started to pour down rain. We were soaked and wondering how long it would last. By the end of the day we were praying for it to rain, because it got rather hot and humid! The zoo is a lot smaller than the Phoenix Zoo and I feel kinda bad for the animals, as most exhibits are quite small. But they did have a rather large variety of animals. Sorry PD, we couldn't get a better picture of the Bird of Paradise. It sure was beautiful though!! Gharials - a type of crocodile that has a really skinny long mouth. The boys were very excited to see this and also the alligator as they have never seen them in person. They were pretty much just resting and were not all that exciting though... It was cool to see some of the animals hanging out together. The cool thing about the African Savanna was that you felt like you were really in the savanna, like the animals were all around you. Painted Gum tree - this comes close to my favorite tree, but the Banyan tree still wins:) After the zoo, I got dropped off at the mall to search for a swimsuit. My search was unsuccessful and I was completely overwhelmed, as for the past 3 months I have really only been to a Target and a grocery store. The boys went back to the hotel, for naps and to watch the Suns game (the first one we have actually seen, as we don't have cable). We ate dinner at IHOP, as the kids could eat there for free....WOO HOO!!! Total for parking on Tuesday was.....$21 I will leave the Doctors appointments and info regarding the boys' health stuff for tomorrow......

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  1. That's nuts for parking!!

    Sounds like you had a great time! Oh, how I would love to visit someday!! :)