Tuesday, January 11, 2011

After the holidays update

We just officially celebrated our first Christmas ever without family around.  Knowing that this could make things a little depressing, I was determined to make it the best it could be. 

Let me tell you, we really did have the best possible Christmas season that we could have ever had, with the absence of some very special people. 

Joshua was actually scheduled to work in the evening on Christmas Eve and Day and on New Year's Eve.  He ended up only having to work Christmas Eve morning.  What a blessing!!!

We had a wonderful Jesus Birthday Party on Christmas Eve and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly with good friends.  The boys were so tuckered out by the end of the day, that they had no problem falling to sleep, despite the anticipation of Christmas Day. 

Christmas Day was spent on Skype with Gram in the morning and Nana and Opa before lunch.  We had a nice nap and headed out to play in the ocean.  I had not really made plans for a nice dinner, as I expected my hubby to be working, so we went out to eat and had some yummy hamburgers at a restaurant.

These are some photos of our Christmas adventures and beyond.

Check out our boys in action on the tennis court


  1. Loved the videos!!!! Isn't Wii great???!!! Happy 2011 =)