Monday, November 1, 2010

Family Update

It is probably about time for a complete family update.  So...where to begin???

We have been in Hawaii for 8 months now and we still feel like we are on vacation!!  Joshua is truly enjoying his job.  He gets in about 70 hours flight time a month and he is home every night.  The only draw back is the pay.  We are pinching pennies, but most months, we are not pulling from savings.  Joshua's foot is healing well, he still has a little limp and complains of pain if he has had a long day flying.  Don't know if he will ever go skimboarding again:)

As for me, I am getting in the swing of life.  We have a routine that works really well (for now), in regards to house work and school work.  Routines are good for me, my stress level definitely decreases when I know what we are doing, when we are doing it and how we are going to do it!!!

If you have been praying for Ethan to gain weight...boy has God heard ya!!!!  His weight has been slowly going up the last 2 weeks.  Praise God.  Keep those prayers coming, he has got a lot of catching up to do!!!

Both boys have sprouted up about 2 inches, in the last 5 months.  Thankfully, we don't wear pants around here much, so no need for a shopping trip :)

The sputum cultures performed in September, to see if their lungs are growing any nastiness, both came out clean.  I really attribute that to God leading Joshua and I to make drastic changes to our diet, upping some of the glyconutrients they have been on and adding in some new ammunition via natural supplements. 

Not much else to say....We are truly blessed!!!!!

Here are some pictures of our October fun.....

We got to pick our pumpkins at a real pumpkin patch out in the middle of nowhere.  Both boys brought their cameras and got some pretty good shots :)

Caleb's perspective :)

You can see us at the top left corner...

Our carved masterpieces molded quite quickly and I never got a picture :(

Buzz Lightyear and Powerman to the rescue!!

We went to a carnival in our little village and enjoyed some jump houses, miniature golf and a rock wall

Ethan Sky begged me to let him climb the rock wall and then got a bit afraid on the way up.  We will conquer a rock wall soon though!!!
We enjoyed trick or treating with our good friends.  It is so much easier to go to a mall then to go house to house!!!
The highlight of Ethan's night was when people asked him who Powerman was and he could tell them all about this superhero he made up :)

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  1. Powerman? How creative! Both boys look adorable! And I'm happy to hear that life is going well for your family. We haven't chatted for a while, and I've found myself thinking of you often over the past few days.