Thursday, August 26, 2010

My birthday is coming and I won't cry about it anymore!!!

So my birthday is coming up on September 12th and let me tell you, it is probably one of the most despised days of the year for me!!!

Why?, you ask. I will give you four reasons.

1) I am afraid to grow old, to be old!!!

2) My best friend died when I/we were 21 years old. One of the best things about my birthday, was being older then her for 6 months :)

3) A horrible accident involving my future hubby happened on my birthday in 1999.

4) Celebrating your birthday after 9/11/01 just brings on some pretty yucky memories!!!

BUT....I am done!!! Done wallowing in the sorrows of the past!!!

My friend Pippin has taught me a lesson. She celebrates not only her birthday with excitement, but also the whole month her birthday is in.

So here I go. I am going to be 35 in about 2 weeks and I am embracing it. I am embracing the day and thanking God for putting me on this earth. I am thanking God for placing my life in the hands of my most wonderful Mommy!!! I wonder continually how she played the role of both Mom and Dad, when I can never play my part of simply being a Momma even close to my desires. I am thankful to God for giving me all the experiences in my almost 35 years, so that I can work on being the person He wants me to be and so that I can feel somewhat equipped to manage the job he gave me as wife to my favorite companion in the world and momma to the two best gifts a person could wish for.

To my many friends who have birthdays in September, I ask you to join me. Lets rock 2010 and celebrate September like it has never been celebrated before.


  1. Oh, happy birthday my friend! Ha, I'm turning 35 too, just 13 days AFTER you (so you are older than me!!) I was feeling like 35 was a hard year to turn, but after this, no more! Thanks for the reminder of what's most important! Love you friend!

  2. Missa!!!

    Love it, love it!!! Even thought it's not even quite September yet I am going to go get an iced white mocha with mint today in celebration and with fond recollections of the ones you made [and the many to come!!!] Cheers!!! Showers of September blessings to you!!!

  3. since i'm a whole month (exactly) older than you i can tell you that 35 is nothing to fear. i feel so thankful too to just be alive and healthy with wonderful family and friends! now, once we approach 40 i may get a little more freaked out, but for now that seems like a long ways away!!
    love you tons and happy early birthday!
    maybe you should just start celebrating now(:

  4. Thanks guys for your replies!!! Karly and Elizabeth, wish we could celebrate our special month together. Pippin, end your birthday month well:)

  5. Well. I don't know how you knew to write exactly what I needed to hear. I have always been a huge birthday fan-of others', my own, ect... I cannot think of anything more respectful and loving than truly celebrating the day of someone's birth and every day and every moment they have lived to be in your life at this moment! I have good & bad birthday memories but have always stayed optimistic despite them and HATING having a September birthday because it always seems like September is a month of new beginnings (must be the Jew in me) and you don't know others well enough in September to have a meaningful celebration or for others to really appreciate what your day means. I wanted a big bash last year but most of it fell through the cracks & I said, "no big deal, we'll make it up next year." Well, here we are a week away & I have nothing planned & no one to even talk about something. I don't want to have to ask for a party, that just seems, pathetic?? But on the other hand, I tell people every single day if they don't ask for what they want, how can they possibly get it? So I'm extremely conflicted right now. And sad. I like getting older, in fact, I relish it. But I'm disappointed in the celebration of it so far not really in the position to throw myself a party for monetary & living restrictions. So, normally, I'd be right there with you, cheering you on to take back our birthday month-and I think YOU SHOULD-I'm just not there myself yet-which is supremely frustrating!!!!!! <3 you girl, thanks for writing this!!

  6. Well my friend, i finally made it on here. Sorry it took so long.. And it looks like it was just in time to see that your birthday is coming up...I am glad i found out... cause you havent told me yet. haha. Well I am not going to post my age but you know my secret, and you can always be my more "sophisticated and wise" friend next door!SEe you tuesday if not sooner. Debs

  7. ooh...Deborah, I don't know if I have ever been called sophisticated before :) thanks for not saying my OLDER more "sophisticated and wise" friend