Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter Week

Easter Week was VERY low key for us this year. The usual activities of Palm Sunday, Sedar Meal, Good Friday service and even church on Easter day were not attended. Partially due to not finding any churches that participate in some and also due to Joshua working and the boys and I not having transportation. We will do better next year, no matter where we are!!! We ended up doing a little activity on Palm Sunday, which the boys had fun with. I had fun cutting out the palm leaves...i think I did a pretty good job:) We dyed Easter eggs on Saturday and as I took Ethan to the grocery store and Caleb napped, Hubby hid the eggs all around our condo. We tried to make Tomb Cookies that night, they had a great story, but did not turn out as expected, most likely due to me not having a Professional Kitchenaide Mixer, in which I absolutely NEED!!!! We saved all our dyed egg shells and crushed them up to make this beautiful cross. Ethan Sky drew the cross and enjoyed smashing the egg shells into place.


  1. Looks like you made Holy Week a fun one! Love those crosses!! Oh, and I'll have to get you the recipe for Resurrection Biscuits next year! :)

  2. oh..resurrection biscuits..recipe please. Don't worry about the gluten free stuff, I am getting pretty good at converting recipes:)

  3. How sweet you all are...I miss those boys!