Thursday, March 4, 2010

February Family Update Part Two

Okay, so where did I stop off. Oh yes, at about a week and a half of Joshua being in Hawaii, he said yes this job will last a while and he wanted us moved out there ASAP. He was getting pretty lonely in paradise:) I can't tell you how nerve racking it was to get online and pay for 3 one way tickets to Hawaii. It actually took me a couple days to do it, as the idea of moving to Hawaii just would not sink in. I started making piles of all of our stuff. Pile 1: memorabilia that could stay on the mainland, Pile 2: items that we cherish and value, but could be brought over at another time (if anyone decides to visit us, you must stop at my mom's first and get some of this stuff) Pile 3: Yard Sale items (anything that we have too much of, is too heavy to fit on a plane and that can be easily replaced in Hawaii) Pile 4: Basic necessities (pots and pans, clothes, a few toys......) that can fit into 6 boxes, each weighing less than 50 pounds. We had a yard sale the weekend after the Super Bowl and oh my gosh, I have never had that many people come to a yard sale. It was complete chaos most of the time. I am so thankful for some dear friends and family that helped out. The last week we were in Arizona was crazy. I was packing boxes for the airplane, saying good bye to so many friends and family members, sending off books via media mail and trying to help Joshua find some furniture to fill up our newly rented condo in Waikoloa Village. And last but not least a very small birthday party for Ethan Sky as he would be turning 6 a week later in Hawaii. to be continues.....

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  1. Melissa and Josh, this is awesome, what a great adventure! thanks for including us in your blog! Kelly and April Karnopp and family