Sunday, December 20, 2009


this is a continuation of the post To Vaccinate or not to Vaccinate??? The facts as I understand them: 1. HIB is not common (25 cases each year in U.S., all under 5 years old, very rare beyond 3 years old) 2. HIB can be serious. Causing meningitis and blood infections. It has a 5% rate of fatality and 25% rate of brain damage 3. HIB can be treated with IV antibiotics but permanent damage can still result. 4. HIB vaccine does not contain the whole germ, so one cannot be infected with the disease 5. Different brands of vaccine ActHIB PedVaxHIB - contains 225mg Aluminum HibTITER 6. Major side effects from the vaccine - Guillain Barre syndrome and serious HIB infection (due to the child's immune system being unable to react to exposure to the natural disease for five days after receiving the vaccine.)

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